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OFFICIAL BIO (Business first, eh?)

"Sondra Kay received an AAS degree in Commercial Art in 1995, after which she began independent study with oil painting. By 1996, she found her love for painting exotic wild animals and now exhibits annually with Austin Artists Harvest. Additionally, she served as Vice-President and Show Coordinator in 1996 for the Lago Vista Artists Association and has earned awards participating in various group exhibits. She is a member of Artists on Onion Creek, as well as LVAA."


If you like my work, let me know. If you have a critique, I beg to hear it. If you see something you like, my prices are "emerging-artist-modest," and are listed on the "PAINTINGS INDEX & INFORMATION" page. Or, -- just ask. My door is open. (Well, but there are Rottweilers at the gate. Better use my email or snail mail!)

I'm also available for commissions, especially pet portraits. Pixie Doodles can be special ordered, also.

Notecards of any of the images on this site are available. See the "Notecards Information" page. They come five cards to a package and, at $6 per package, make handy gifts. I'll get them in the mail to you within a week of receiving your order.

Snail Mail:

Sondra Kay Neiman
3358 Drapers Cove
Lago Vista, TX 78645



Raised in Fair Oaks, California on the outskirts of Sacramento, my walk to elementary school was a mini adventure. Fresh-fallen almonds offered a treat, and a pastured horse awaited my offering of roadside delicacies. A murky little pond yielded a cache of polliwogs before the final ascent up the hill into the backyards of school. Although suburbia was fast encroaching upon the area, there still could be found little nooks of the remnants of bygone woodlands. These were my "secret places" where time stood still and I began to weave my magical dreams.

But I grew up and dreaming was no longer allowed. It was time to "get real"

And something was missing.

So I didn't "get real" and go to college. I got a job and set out to find the missing dream. I got married, became a stepmother. The journal of life looked written in stone. Until...

At a parapsychology seminar, a stranger saw that I was going on a journey. Oh yes, a four hour trip to see a friend. No, no, no! A looooong journey!

A couple of months later, the children went to live with their mother, and my husband and I took up our backpacks and ran away to chase flying saucers. The journey had begun! (That was in 1975)

And this IS the journey! AND the dream! I have learned and will always be learning (and dreaming!). Life is never written in stone. Magic is real. Love is the purpose. What you do from there is your own path on the journey.

("Everybody has a dream. What's yours?"
From the movie, "Pretty Woman")

By now, I've found a new nook in the woods at the lake, in the Central Texas Hill Country. Of course, it's enchanted with "little people." I've remarried. (Yes, I waited for the fairy tale.) I went back to school and, in 1995, got an Associate degree in Commercial Art with Phi Theta Kappa honors, and I learned I could paint. Now I'm a happily married, mother of a teenage angel, "starving artist!"

Life is good!



*    Can you tell I like blue?
*    I'm a Taurus, born in the year of the snake. Does that make me a Bull Snake?
*    Dogs: Two Rottweilers, Rommel and Romeo.
*    Cats: Three. Mama Aja, long haired calico; Her son Pumpkin, pale orange tabby; Saturn, my black cat. (Don't tell him he's not a Rottweiler!)
*    Daughter: One, Sabrina Moani DeLong, 18, born on Kauai.
*    Husband: One! Elray, my friend, lover, partner. He makes my wood display frames for me.
*    Houseplants have become such a huge hobby that every fall I hold an Annual Mega Houseplant Sale to reduce my stock for winter storage.
*    I love a warm day after a good rain. The woods and all the plants are fresh and singing and the earth smells like Kauai!
*    BS frustrates me, and I tremble to tears from irresponsible and speeding drivers.

So! What else would anyone like to know? I've been told I need to include a picture of myself somewhere. Okay, okay, if I can find one that doesn't embarrass me, I'll include it in my next round of CD scans. (I don't have my own scanner.) Until then . . .

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